• Produces power f rom 3.8 mph to 89 mph
  • Receives wind omni-directionally
  • Virtually silent
  • Custom-built to your wind situation
  • Custom colors and installations available.
  • Options whether you are grid-tied or off the grid,
    or if you want battery back-up. How do I know?

The DYNAMIQ™ WIND TURBINE is a revolutionary design in small wind turbines.

The vertical scoops allow it to receive wind f rom all directions and due to its patent-pending design, it starts producing power in as little wind as 2.4 mph. This strength in design allows it to operate in hurricane-force winds — 89 mph is the highest observed wind speed! This makes it the most efficient wind turbine in the world, and that's not an exaggeration.

Because the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine is sold directly to the public — unlike solar — the cost is accessible to most families. Solar systems usually take around 22 years to pay for themselves; the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine, in normal conditions, can pay itself off within seven years*.

*Assumes an area with sufficient wind and a $200/month power bill; does not take into account government subsidies which would actually lower the time to pay for itself. Please contact us for pricing. Price includes installation, turbine and generator.

Let Us Help You See How Wind Power Can Save You Money!


1How Much Power Are
We Talking?

Wondering how much power a pretty turbine can kick out? The chart below shows the standard, 6-scoop turbine. Prepare to have your mind blown! It's an impressive invention.

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Up All Night

Have you noticed that the wind increases as the sun rises and sets? This is why wind turbines make more sense than solar; they never sleep! Storm blowing in? Great! They'll pull an all-nighter just for you!

Wind Interactive Map >

AC vs DC

We love rock-n-roll! But seriously, this is a common question! Your turbine is DC and will need a coordinating inverter for hook up.

Dynamic™ Generator >