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Electric power has changed our lives and helps people all around the world to live better, more comfortable, and more productive lives. However, most green/clean energy is too expensive, not effective, requires large storage capacity (batteries, which are expensive and unreliable), and can’t satisfy energy needs at peak demand. Currently the renewable energy sector only produces around 15% of the power in the United States, and around 24% in the world2, and of that 15%, wind energy is only about 6.5%.3

That needed to be fixed.

So we fixed it. It’s called the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine.

Wind is a renewable energy that can efficiently deliver electrical power to the world. Our determination is to keep it affordable and attainable for the average family.

Johnny Thomas, inventor

The Dynamiq™ wind turbine is the most efficient wind turbine in the world, and that's not an exaggeration.

Johnny Thomas, inventor

a history of wind power.

Wind power has been harnessed for centuries, but the basic design of traditional windmills with propellers and blades has not changed much for hundreds of years. Old-technology windmills, with the long blades or propellers, are called Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT), and they have these limitations:

  • High starting wind speeds: they only start producing low levels of power at or above approximately 10 mph.
  • Not operational in moderate to high wind speeds: they must shut down above approximately 27 mph; high liability due to propellers breaking. You can see some examples here:
  • Noisy: they are extremely loud, almost reaching a nuisance level; there are many pending lawsuits against wind turbine manufacturers for the hearing damage and nuisance the sound makes. A simple Google search of “lawsuits over noise of wind turbine” will show the legal ramifications of noisy wind turbines.
  • Inefficient: they must face the wind to operate, and they chase wind, expending energy to do so. This creates inefficiency and lowers power output.
  • Damaging to the environment: they cause environmental problems by disrupting migratory patterns of birds because of their height. Also because of their height, they take up large tracts of land to operate safely, and when they break, they wreak havoc on the area around them. See the video above.
  • Antiquated technology: old, inefficient technology with low torque output. Some newer designs have created a faster revolution of the blades or body, but due to their design they do not create torque to push larger amounts of power output.

Old-technology Windmill Limitations

Old-technology turbines are tall, loud, have so many moving parts, use a large area of land as a footprint, and are expensive to install and maintain.

Did you know these large turbines have to be shut down when winds get above 28 mph? They have a braking system in place to stop the propellers...and sometimes those go BOOM.

Old-technology turbines are so tall they interfere with migratory bird patterns; this doesn't end well for our feathered friends. DynamiqTM provides an affordable solution to the "un-natural selection" the windmills cause.

Old-technology turbines are tall and expensive. They cannot always be generating power and they are LOUD! Who wants that in a residential neighborhood?

how do we overcome these obstacles?

Johnny Thomas, one of the inventors of the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine, have studied and innovated wind turbines, to overcome the obstacles of old-technology turbines since 2011. The Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine was created as a revolutionary way to resolve the problems stated above.

The Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine is a Small Wind Turbine; it is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) with a helical design. It overcomes the problems with old-technology wind turbine technology by:

  • New, innovative, and extremely efficient technology: using the Bernoulli principle of lift, the vertical scoops create huge amounts of torque and electrical power, like an airplane wing.
  • Environmentally friendly due to its low height and small footprint: at only 16’ (4.88m) tall (adjustable to suit circumstances), and with a footprint of 9’x9’ (2.74m), there is no impact on bird flight patterns. Also due to the smaller size, many units can be placed on one acre of land with virtually no impact on the surrounding land. It has also been placed on top of commercial and industrial buildings; the higher off the ground it goes, the more wind; typically, every 20 feet off the ground, the wind speeds double.
  • Highly efficient: the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine receives wind omni-directionally; no need to chase wind — it comes to us. Due to the high torque output, it produces large amounts of power even at low wind speeds.
  • Quiet: they are virtually silent in operation! Listen to the Dynamiq™ in action: Listen now »
  • Designed to withstand hurricane force winds: as the material is steel, the 100% USA-manufactured turbine has been observed operating in real world 89 mph wind with zero problems; it is engineered to withstand 150+ mph winds, so it would be ideal in areas where hurricanes or natural phenomena threaten the power needs of people.
  • Low starting wind speeds: starts producing power in as low as 3.8 mph wind. You can see the power output chart here (for higher wind speeds, please contact us): Power Output Chart. At only nine mph wind, an impressive 380 foot pounds of torque are created.

So, we build the case to increase the use of wind power with innovation and completely rethinking an age-old technology. Do we try and REPLACE fossil fuel power plants? No. that has been the mistake of green energy. We want to SUPPLEMENT the power, and keep it AFFORDABLE, so it is ATTAINABLE to everyone, and we leave the mega power production for large scale production to the utilities.

affordable green energy for all.

With the soaring costs of solar power and inefficiencies of traditional wind power, let’s move forward with new technology! Wind is a renewable energy that can efficiently deliver electrical power to the world, and our determination is to keep it affordable and attainable to the average family.

CEO and Inventor
Ventana Tek, LLC

Our Company: Ventana Tek, LLC is a Utah-based technology company that manufactures ultra efficient small wind turbines and power generation machines.

Our Vision: We aim to change the world by making renewable, green energy attainable to the average person. We want to take care of our planet while providing more people with the miracle of electrical power.

Our Pledge: Our Ten to One Pledge means that for every 10 turbines we sell, we will donate one to charity through our non-profit
The Dynamiq™ Foundation. Ask us for more information on our charitable work.